With friends and colleagues at LSE, I co-founded the Applicant Mentoring Programme (AMP), a mentoring scheme for PhD applicants from underrepresented backgrounds.
AMP is now a multi-university effort, led by PhD students at Cambridge, LSE, Oxford, UCL and Warwick. The scheme is financially supported by the department of Economics at LSE and is now in the expert hands of my PhD-mates Abhijit, Gailius, Jack and Soroush.

Between 2020 and 2023, AMP has helped 467 applicants, thanks to 139 PhD mentors.

Here is a summary Twitter thread about AMP and here is a short note about AMP summarising the lessons we have learned.

PhD applicants who come from socio-economic backgrounds that are underrepresented in the profession should feel free to fill out the form in the website hyperlinked above. Subject to capacity constraints, they will be matched to a mentor who is a PhD student in one of the 5 participating universities.