Python for Social Scientists – A weeklong, Ph.D.-level course on how to use Python for statistical analysis (created with Jialin Yi)
It covers an intro to programming, statistics & econometrics in Python and an introduction to machine learning

Numerical solution to Kiyotaki & Moore (1997) Credit Cycles’ model
Google Colab Notebook
Repository (with paper)

Calculating Atkeson & Burstein (2008)-type firm-level markups
Google Colab Notebook

Introduction to Programming with Python – A weeklong programming exercise designed to introduce Python & coding in a fun way to high-school students (as part of LSE’s outreach program: LSE Widening Participation)
Google Colab Notebook

Blogs & Media

« Gouvernement et secteur privé sont des alliés dans le financement de la R&D, pas des ennemis » (in French)
Op-ed in Le Monde, January 5th, 2024

Big firms have different incentives (August 2023)
In Matt Clancy’s New Things Under the Sun

The size of firms and the nature of innovation (June 2023)
In Matt Clancy’s New Things Under the Sun